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Corporate (Company) Email Address

Corporate Email Address

For a professional look, it is very important to have an e-mail followed by @companydomain address with pre-names such as info and information.

People understand that you put effort and invest in your business. In the past, these corporate emails were provided free of charge by Google and then Yandex.

Unfortunately NO FREE CORPORATE MAIL anymore

But we have found a solution for WIX users, we provide corporate mail setup with the prefix you want for 50 TL for your site.

Regarding this corporate email address:

Emails sent to this email address will be forwarded to your Gmail.

Sending e-mails with this e-mail address, it is not possible to reply

In this service that we have been providing for years, we cannot give any guarantee or take any responsibility for the continuity of the system, as the intermediary company can terminate the service at any time.

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