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We did SEO, why not...

What is SEO?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and its Turkish means "Search Engine Optimization". SEO work is your website's Google etc. It ensures that it is read correctly by search engines, it is a work that must be provided by professionals, otherwise the search engines cannot read the items on your website properly and process them in their own database or process them incorrectly.

We've done SEO, why aren't we at the forefront?

We said that WIX SEO work ensures that your site is read correctly, after this correct reading, a competition ranking occurs between you and the websites that provide precedent service on Google, the parameters for your site to be in the foreground in this ranking are roughly as follows:


Interest Level


Your WIX website may contain all the details from A to Z, but if these texts are not original and yours, your site will be stamped with duplicate content and will be decimated by Google.

If you are promoting faucet repair on a carpentry site, it means you have lost the level of interest, none of us will want to have a carpenter repair the faucet, and Google will not highlight such indifference.

You published your site and you haven't provided any activity on your site for six months, for Google this site shows no signs of vitality, it will mean that it does not provide up-to-date data to users, Google wants to see live, animated sites and it shows..

SEO is patience...

The table you see below belongs to a project for which we provided SEO work, and regular work was provided on this low-competition project;

2 months passed, no change in statistics,

6 months have passed, there is little change, then

After 10 months, the project started to evolve towards the place it deserves with our SEO work.

SEO Çalışması Örneği
SEO Çalışması Örneği

It is worth repeating that your WIX SEO works will ensure that your site is read correctly, but growing your site depends on your effort and patience, an SEO arrangement can take up to 6 months to reflect. If you continue to work patiently and enrich your website with the recommendations of the WIX SEO Expert, you will definitely see that you have come to the place you dreamed of.

stay well

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